Within Maths, you can help your child in a range of ways. Mental maths is key across the school. Counting rhymes, one more/less, ten more/less and counting in steps of other numbers all help children to prepare for further up the school. Once children are in Y2 they need to be secure in number facts of numbers to 100 including relevant bonds and adding/subtracting single digits from any number. Children also need to be able to both count in and recall multiplication facts for x2, x5, x10.

In Years 3 and 4 children need to be secure in number to 1000 and beyond, add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100 from any number and apply facts and skills learnt in KS1 to larger numbers. Within multiplication, children in Y3 need to recall their x3, x4 and x8 tables (not just count in theses steps) in readiness for Y4 where children need to be able to recall any fact to 12 x 12 within five seconds. In the Summer of Y4, children sit a new government multiplication test which is completed online. Children get 25 questions flashed on screen one at a time for 6 seconds each, they have to type the answer within that time period. In Y4, chidren have been preparing for this using the MathsFrame multiplication game (see link below).

Years 5 and 6 key areas will be added at the start of the Autumn term.

Have fun exploring the following ‘Links for Learning’ found below. I highly recommend ‘Hit the Button’ as a tool for recalling addition, subraction, multiplication and division facts at a range of levels. This provides children with quick one minute games to test their knowledge against the clock. Children also have their own Times Table Rockstars account in both KS1 and KS2 which also develops skills in this area.

Maths web links and resources

TT Rockstars

Hit The Button​


Times Tables Video Web Links (YouTube)

X 2 tables youtube video​
X 3 tables youtube video​
X 4 tables youtube video
X 5 tables youtube video​
X 6 tables youtube video​
X 7 tables youtube video
X 8 tables youtube video​
X 9 tables youtube video​
X 12 tables youtube video

Times Table Practice Sheets – see in below resources folder:

(Year 3: 32 questions in 3 mins approx)
(Year 4: 40 questions in 3 mins approx)